Welcome to the

bold new Digital Era,

where you disrupt, or get disrupted.

DX, or Digital Transformation, is all the buzz right now. In fact, we believe it's a bit late already. If you are not facing the bold new world of Digital Disruption, you are in for some surprises. In today's world even a 10-person team can take over an entire industry.


But where to start? How do I know my threats? And opportunities? Where do I find the skills and capabilities to become successful? What strategy should I have? And can I execute it only by myself? ...The questions are myriad.


We are here to help.

What is DX?

The 70s and 80s saw computerization and globalization. The 90s saw the Internet Revolution. Then the Dotcom bubble burst.

This decade we are seeing Digital Disruption take place. The lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring. As a result new technologies, evolving customer behavior, and innovative business models are popping up in every corner of the globe. Even companies that are not "born digital" have to learn how to take advantge of this situation. The process to take advantage of the current Era of Digital Disruption is known as DX, or Digital Transformation.

Why DX?

DX is already having profound effects on the economy. Gartner predicts that, by 2020, more than 40% of enterprise revenue will come from digital businesses. From the perspective of individual companies, a study by Cap Gemini found a huge gap in business success between organizations that made a serious effort to strengthen their digital capabilities and leadership alignment, and those in the same industry segment which did not. On an average, it was:

  • 13% more revenue from physical assets
  • 19% higher market valuation
  • 50% better profitability

As you can see, the effect on top-line is very apparent. What is not so apparent is the effect on the bottom-line, on productivity.


DX is fast becoming a necessity to empower and retain excellent talent, more so with the "digital native" millenials entering the workforce. The world is realizing that happier employees means more productivity and innovation, which ultimately translates to survival in the Era of Digital Disruption.


So unless you want to miss the train to the next stage of doing business, the question isn't 'Why?' but `When?'.

Achieving DX

Achieving DX is no easy feat. It is a balancing act between:

  • developing the right in-house digital capabilities,
  • honing the leadership that can respond to the ever-changing needs of the world around it,
  • managing digital programs both internally and with external partners, and
  • continuously keeping an eye out for threats and opportunities in the ecosystem.

DX can be divided in to 4 areas, in terms of the benefit they bring to the business. Scroll over to find out what the four areas are.



Expand reach & gather actionable insights to enhance customer journey




Coordinate workforce & assets to enhance responsiveness to business environment




Bring convenience & flexibility to employee's work-life by using effective tools & training




Build a culture of innovation & use customer insights to create solutions that affect business outcomes

Know Your DX Readiness

The first step to any DX journey is to know where you are - we call this DX readiness. DX readiness is comprised of two capabilities, both of which have to exist simultaneously in your organization.

One is Digital Capability, which is the set of shared knowledge, skills, attitude, resources, etc. that allow a company to make the transformative leaps to achieve DX in the 4 areas discussed above. The other is leadership capability, which in essense, is the ability to be highly effective admist complexity.

Our DXF®️ Digital Mastery Self-Assessment will give you a snapshot of where you are in terms of your DX readiness. It is good way to gauge the state of your company. And that's where your DX journey begins.

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Welcome to the

bold new Digital Era,

where you disrupt, or get disrupted.